I'm Done ... Close
Red No - Pretty sure this contestant will go home VERY soon.
Yellow Maybe, I have my doubts - This contestant has a good chance to stay for another episode.
Green Absolutely - This contestant will get a rose and be around for at least another episode.

While votes cannot be changed after the final voting has ended (Connie will tell you when that is) you can always change your opinion of a contestant.

 You can add a comment at any time, however BE AWARE...
... that your player name will be displayed along side your comment(s).
... that EVERYONE will be able to view your comments.
... that once entered, you can not change your comment.

 Click on a picture to change that contestants opinion color and/or to add a comment.

• You can select which contestants appear on the main screen by selecting the type of view (located just above the cast's pictures).
Available choices are:
○ Everyone (default) is displayed.
○ Only active contestants are displayed.
○ Only contestants previously sent home are displayed.

• Click the Voting Summary link (top right corner) to see how everyone has voted.

Voting Summary Screen

• The summary page shows how everyone has voted for the remaining active contestants.

• Click on a contestant's name to view ALL of the comments for that contestant (if any).